How You Can Help

Become our partner! Get involved with us in a variety of ways and make a lasting impact on the Vulnerable Communities we serve as it can be seen below:

Sponsorship Forms

This is where innovative and clever ideas work best. Would a local sports team grow beards, go bald? Would a local company have a "dress down" day? Many people love doing daft things for charity and take great delight in doing something with a real purpose. Ask for our special sponsorship forms and get cracking.

Simply Donate

We never underestimate the simple act of giving and asking others to give something as well. Unfortunately, Orphans and Vulnerable Children are regularly in the news so their despair is self-evident. A donation of any size is very welcome so make sure to thank people and tell them what we do.

Feeding program

Nutritional requirements exist to be a challenge especially when there is lack of sufficient funds to buy food for all the children. Since the centre resources are limited and the increased global food crisis, the Centre face a huge problem as food prices escalated and struggle to find funds for feeding.


During emergency time, we carry our children using our back to the nearest hospital and at times we hire a bodaboda (Motor cycle) only once in a while we afford hiring a taxi which are very expensive as it is always emergency time.


Most of these children are epileptic and are on prescribed antiepileptic/Anticonvulsant drugs e.g (Phenobarbital, rivotril, tegretol, epimetrine, valium e.t.c) which are quite very expensive to buy, moreso these chidren get sick oftently and when on medications it becomes more than challenging especially when paying the bills and buying the prescribed medication.

Therapy Equipment

Therapy services provided remain ineffective due to lack of therapy equipment and permanently employed therapist specialists which make rehab process at the centre futile.

Occasion Party

Like Birthdays, graduations, anniversary- you can host fun-filled event and ask your friends to bring a gift or a financial contribution in honor of festivity. No contribution is too small!

Community Networking

Join our community at Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to meet other well minded people, upload videos and share news and ideas that can have a positive impact on our mission.

Share Child Sponsorship

With your church, class or family - Invite a group of friends or loved ones to share a sponsorship with you.

Tell Us Your Idea

Is there a creative and fun way that others can easily join to make a difference? Share those ideas! We would love to hear them.

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