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To empower Children with Disabilities (CWDs) with such skills and competencies that they achieve optimal performance in their daily activities through provision of quality care and rehabilitation services. We seek to offer the best support services to persons affected by cerebral palsy through provision of therapy, promotion of awareness, and advocacy. Ultimately, we aspire to minimize situations and conditions giving rise to cerebral palsy.

Objectives of the program:

Major Responsibility:

  1. To assist in development and implementation of a coordinated fundraising program.
  2. Planning for and managing of fundraising events.
  3. Serves as an ambassador for the organization and promote a positive image.
  4. Handling donor acknowledgements and thank you letters.
  5. Data entry and maintenance of the data base.
  6. Educate in nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, and other life skills.
  7. Prepare workshops and presentations focusing on health, rights, drug and substance abuse, and other issues affecting the communities.
  8. Conduct administrative work relating to organization development and programming.
  9. Participate in organizing recreational activities, and retreats for children.
  10. Identify ways for fundraising for the programs and to link the organization to international partners.
  11. Promote the organization by means of articles, photos and other media sources.

Skills & Requirements


  1. Your enrich your sense of purpose in life.
  2. Discovering new exotic foods.
  3. Learning new skills.
  4. Boosting own CV.
  5. Passing on your own Knowledge.

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Total Rehab Centre for Disabled Children
700 metres off Thika Road, along Mwiki Road
St. Francis Community Hospital
Kassarani, Nairobi Area, Kenya


Tel: +254 720 400 682
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